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Jessica Diveto has a background in Advertising and Sales for over 10 years.  Her ability to identify and create exactly what a customer is looking for, without the customer really knowing it, gives her a unique ability that is difficult to find.  She will treat you and your business with the highest level of respect and attention, no matter if you are a small local shop, or a global corporate company.  It does not matter if you just opened your doors or have been in business for 30 years, Jessica is there to help.  Running a business can be overwhelming and Jessica will be sure to ease your pain so you can get back to building your business!

Jessica and Kevin have lived and worked in Knoxville and the surrounding areas for over 12 years. They enjoy helping the local community grow and spending time with family and friends.  They currently reside in Clinton, TN with their two girls Gracie and Rosie.

Promo Joe is a locally owned family business with a large corporate reach.  We service everyone from local businesses to international corporations. We can accommodate any size and need your business requires. With our buying power, we can negotiate the best deals while not compromising the quality required for our customers' marketing needs.  Founded by Jessica Diveto and her husband Kevin Diveto, Promo Joe was created to offer a "Full-Scale" branding operation for customers with the principle that being treated like “family” should never be compromised!  Superior customer service is our top priority. We deliver the highest quality products and services while saving time and money for our customers.

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